In 2103 the Scotland Island Brigade started a CFU program with the aim of involving a larger portion of the population on the island with fire safety and brigade matters. Initially 36 members joined the CFU. The CFU is an integral part of the Fire Brigade and the Fire Brigade is responsible for its operations. The CFU have a Leader and a Deputy Leader who help to co-ordinate the operation of the CFU. Read more in our flyer (pdf)


Frequently Asked Questions



What is a CFU?


The CFU is a group of people who are trained in basic fire safety and fighting and who can assist the Fire Brigade in case of fire emergencies and spot fires.



Do I have to train?



Yes, you will be trained in Bush Fire Survival Plans and Fire Danger Ratings, Bush Fire behaviour and CFU equipment and be assessed in Safety and Teamwork.



Will it cost a lot of my time?



No, the course and assessment will take one day. After that you will need to attend two 3 hour training sessions per year to keep your skills and knowledge fresh.



Do I get protective clothing?



Yes, you will be provided with Personal Protective Clothing and a uniform specific to the CFU.



Will I be a RFS member?



Yes, you will be a member of the Scotland Island Brigade, but you will not be required to maintain the level of training and attendance fully operational members are.


How can I Join the CFU? The first step is to fill out the online form and select CFU when asked what your intended member type is.




 More information

For more information, contact the Brigade or the CFU leaders (Details below).

The CFU Service Standard contains information about the rules and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

 CFU Leaders


For 2014, the CFU Leaders are:


 Bill Lee  
 Penny Wise


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