Water Brigades Meeting

  • 09 Sep 2015
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Terrey Hills Tavern


Registration is closed


9th September 7.30 pm Terrey Hills Tavern

Arrive 6.30pm for dinner (at your own expense.)

Draft Agenda


1.      Welcome and apologies

2.      Confirmation of minutes of previous meeting

3.      Matters arising out of minutes

·        Access to Mackerel during Storms 

o   FTL keys should be provided for boats and brigades

·        Planning for a warmer summer

o   Scotland Island has a HR that will need to be done and will need assistance from other brigades

o   Community information messages and Working arrangements for offshore emergencies

a.      Scotland Island – MessageNet 

b.      Rover – WP RFS

c.      West Pittwater - SMS global

d.      Group  Rolf - Office 365

e.      Cottage Point – SMS Broadcast

f.       Coasters - Interested

·        Mackerel Training Burning  Boat Exercise 4 July 2015

·        Suggestion that Ausgrid has a liaison officer to work with RFS

·        SOP for house fires

4.      Basin Creek 1/2014 Hazard Reduction plans

5.      Currawong fire plans and operations

6.      Coasters new 9 hp pump - operational support and use by other Water Brigades

7.      Future joint Water Brigade training exercises

8.      Next meeting

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