CFU Focus at Brigade Training

  • 04 May 2014
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Fire Station


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Provide overview at the start of training exercise.

  • Review CFU Equipment
  • Starting, priming and drafting water with the portable pump
  • Learning the name, use, operation and care of each type of hose and piece of small gear
  • Carrying, bowling, and rolling hoses
  • Connecting and disconnecting couplings
  • Branch holding and nozzle operation
  • Words of command and hand signals
  • Standard hose drill (1 line x 2 lengths)
  • Adding a length of hose
  • Advancing and retreating with hose
  • Use of the hard knapsack
  • Use of adaptors and breechings
  • Use of variable nozzles
  • Review practise where necessary
  • After makeup & re stow equipment

Debrief & review any questions or requests for future training.

Wayne Gluyas
SIRFB Training Officer
Ph 0418 229 277

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