Scotland Island Brigade Members Trial New Boat

16 Feb 2021 8:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

On the 7th February 6 members of our Brigade were invited to Mooney Mooney to trial the new RFS medium configuration boat known as Engineering 15.

Engineering 15 is a prototype intended for use to test and refine the design. Our overall impression was the boat is very, very good and represents a significant step up in fire fighting and emergency response capabilities in our area.

We've provided our feedback on the boat to District Office who will pass it back to RFS Engineering. Hopefully the feedback will inform the final design for the boat.

A new boat has been ordered to replace our current boat. The delivery date for the new boat is not yet known. A request for tender has to be issued, a contract has to be awarded and the boat has to built. So it will take some time.

If you're interested in more information on the new boat please let one of the Brigade Officers know and we can provide you with a copy our detailed report.



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