New paging arrangements for medical emergencies

16 Feb 2021 9:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Based on the After Action Review (AAR) that we completed after the recent motor vehicle accident on the island we've made changes to the way our Brigade is paged for medical emergencies.

Effective immediately, when a 000 call is received from someone on Scotland Island and they request Ambulance the CFR team will be paged and the regular members of the Brigade will also be paged.

The CFR team will focus on getting to the scene and providing medical assistance.

Regular Brigade members will focus on assisting by providing transport. This will generally involve picking up NSW Ambulance Paramedics from a wharf and transporting them to the scene. On occasion it may also require responding SI Boat to Church Point to pick up paramedics or other emergency agency staff.

The Officer In Charge of the incident (generally this would be Peter Lalor, Ian White, Craig Laslett or Stuart Laughton) will coordinate transport requirements. As a priority they will contact Water Police to confirm if they are available to transport paramedics and pass this information on to other members that are responding.

We are currently working with District Office to arrange an additional vehicle for transporting paramedics. When this is finalised the intent is for the CFR team to respond in SI PC and regular Brigade members to provide pick up transport using another vehicle. This will be efficient and will also ensure that SI PC is not required to leave the scene of the incident.


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