The History of the SIRFB

07 Feb 2013 11:07 AM | Anonymous member

Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade was formed in the Easter holidays of 1955 when a small number of residents, mostly weekenders, met at ‘Bangalla’ and formed a progress association. Their first priority was to establish the Scotland Island Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade to organise the individual efforts of the Island and the Western Foreshores.


A shed was constructed by the residents near Tennis Wharf and the first fire vehicle, a jeep with a 44 gallon drum on it, was donated. Over the years, the equipment of the Brigade has improved and a new Fire Station was constructed in 1991 on the current site above Catherine Park. Since 1955, the Brigade has attended numerous house fires on the Island and several small wildfires.

In 1939, a spot fire from a wildfire in Ku-ring-gai National Park caused a fire that burned the majority of the Island and it was cleared fire breaks around the few houses on the Island and the heavily cleared grazing land which prevented property loss.


In 1967 a campfire on the Western side of the Island quickly raced up the hill before it was brought under control. The 1994 fires sent burning embers across the Island, but luckily they either didn’t catch alight or were put out by vigilant Islanders.

In more recent times, the provision of a high speed Fire Boat has greatly increased the fire service area of the Brigade.


To date, the Brigade has attended bush, structure and boat fires not just in Pittwater but also along Coal and Candle Creek and well up the Hawkesbury River.

The Brigade also assists the NSW Water Police and NSW Ambulance Service with medical evacuations from the Island. The Brigade endeavours to provide a 24 hour emergency first aid service and assists with emergency patient transportation.


The Station is also a centre for a number of favourite community events organised by Brigade members during the year, including ‘Christmas in July’, New Years Eve, Melbourne Cup Day and the fabulous kids film afternoons.

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