09 Sep 2014 12:40 PM | Anonymous member
Here  is an update on the subject of identifying our properties should we find ourselves in the unfortunate circumstance of requiring the assistance of emergency services. In our 20 odd years here it has happened to us twice - once being to a child reacting to a fish venom and needing water police plus ambulance so I have first hand experience of the importance of this issue. 

Many thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions - it certainly highlighted the different needs according to location and also the fact that the physical location of some properties virtually defies identification. 

On Scotland Island, where we all have a house number and street address, many of us can display the number at the street side entrance to our property and, if we live on the water front, on the pylons of our pontoon.

But firstly forget about lot numbers, they'll confuse anyone, and secondly be sure that the number is displayed in the street to which your address belongs which is not necessarily the one your primary access may be from.

For example the several properties which front onto Florence Terrace but have an  address of Thompson St. Displaying a Thompson Street number on Florence Terrace is not going to help. In deciding where to display your number take into consideration that it may be being looked for from a vehicle like the fire truck so as high as practically possible and as easy to read as possible.  There are already some recent house numbers appearing around the island- and you know what? - even if only a few people take up the suggestion it will help. 

Bill Lee (CFU Leader)

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