Brigade Maintenance Day

19 Apr 2015 7:00 PM | Anonymous member

It’s been all happening in & around the Fire Shed, 

Big thanks to 

Stewart Hasell for the continued colour coding of the SIRFB firefighting hoses etc, 

Craig Laslett for maintenance work on several (5) knapsacks, Ladders & Boat maintenance, 

Bill & Jaq Lee on the continued rejuvenation of the verge between Robertson Rd & the Fire Shed,

Peter Lalor for positive feedback on member training ideas & pre loved printer, 

Graeme Crayford the new cupboard labels in the Fire Shed kitchen & Boat maintenance, 

Debera Anne has shown an interest to look after the Fire Boat, 

Nathalie & Julian for the preparation of the upcoming Fire Shed dinner, 

Hubert van Mierlo for the SIRFB Website, 

Annette Ritchie for looking after the Fire Shed.

We are looking forward to the 1st Fire Shed dinner on the 9th May.


Reminder Brigade Training on the 26th April. 

Thanks to all those members not mentioned for their help.

Wayne Gluyas


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