• 27 Sep 2015 6:26 PM | Anonymous member
    Congratulations to Craig Laslett & Hubert van Mierlo for successfully completing Breathing Apparatus Operator course run by Warringah Pittwater Rural Fire Service.

    A trip to Batemans Bay & Westleigh Hot Cell Training Centres. 

    Thanks again for giving up another 6 full days to attend the required training.

  • 06 Sep 2015 11:19 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Pittwater we all know as a canvas for all life’s colours, with an eternal appeal to the artistic whether that be of talent or temperament. 

    Katie Clemson was an outstandingly talented artist, renowned not only here in her native Australia but also internationally.   If you do a web search for Katie Clemson you’ll read of a life lived in glorious technicolour and an incredible list of her works, exhibitions and achievements.

    ‘Pittwater for me is heaven, my haven and inspiration’ wrote Katie in a prelude to an exhibition of her linocuts of Pittwater.   Katie‘s work really does reach into the canvas of Pittwater and captures the energy, the light and indeed the raw beauty of her, and our, haven.


    Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Katie’s husband Alex Allan and her friend Suzanne Akerman, we have a number of Katie’s works for sale with proceeds directed to the Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade.  These include a few of the limited edition ‘Pittwater Boatshed’ linocuts and her truly superb print of Woody Point.  Additionally we have a few of the posters of ‘Pittwater Boatsheds’ which would be ideal gifts for anyone who has visited and enjoyed this special place.

    These will all be available for viewing and sale at the September 12th Fire Shed Dinner and at the Fire Brigade Open Day on September 13th.  Or, you can contact myself or Penny Wise from the Community Fire Unit and we’ll happily arrange a private viewing – believe me they are something special!

    Bill Lee
    email – sisland@bigpond.com

  • 27 Jul 2015 3:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On Saturday 11th July past and present members of the Scotland Island brigade, residents and dignitaries celebrated the Brigade’s 60th anniversary.

    More than 75 people attended the Fireman’s Ball including The Honourable Bronwyn Bishop MP, Federal Member for Mackellar, Councillor Jacqueline Townsend, Mayor Pittwater Council, RFS Assistant Commissioner Steve Yorke and RFS Deputy Fire Control Officer Inspector George Sheppard.

    The Brigade was started in 1955 as the first order of business by the newly formed Scotland Island Progress Association.  Residents constructed a fire shed near Tennis Wharf and the first fire vehicle (a jeep with a 44 gallon drum on it) was donated to the Brigade. 

    Over the years, the Brigade’s equipment has improved and a new Fire Station was constructed in 1991 on the current site above Catherine Park.

    The Brigade now has over 130 members and over the years has responded to numerous fires and other emergency incidents both on and off the island. 

    Members of the Brigade have also formed an Ambulance Service Community First Responder unit which provides island residents with emergency first aid and medical support. 

    The Brigade’s high speed fire boat also provides support for bushfires, boat fires and other emergency situations on Pittwater, Coal and Candle Creek and the Hawkesbury River.


    Ms Bishop and Ms Townsend both recognised the important contribution the Brigade and volunteers in general make to the Australian community and to Pittwater.  Steve York, representing the RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons presented the Brigade with a plaque commemorating its 60th anniversary.

    Guests enjoyed a delicious array of canapés and were entertained throughout the night by performances by Tabatha & Co and the Byrne's Unit. 

    Link to Ball Photographs  (Thanks to Peter Lalor for taking the photos and Pittwater Offshore News for publishing them) 

    The Brigade would like to thank those that attended the Fireman’s Ball and all other residents for their continued support.  The next Brigade function is a Fire Shed dinner on the 8th August, followed by a Fire Shed dinner on the 12th September and Open Day on Sunday 13th September.

    Residents interested in joining or supporting the Brigade can contact the Brigade on 9999 4404 or by email sirfb@sirfb.org.au

  • 01 Jul 2015 7:21 PM | Anonymous member

    Memorial Service for Brian Donohoe

    The Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade hosted a memorial service for Brian Donohoe on Sunday 28th June.
    Brian lost his battle with Leukaemia on 11 June after it turned aggressive 3 months ago and will be sadly missed by his partner Jill and his family.
    Brian joined the Scotland Island Fire Brigade in 2002 and was a very active member.  He then also joined the Community First Responder team who are called out to medical emergencies on the island, when the unit first started in 2011.



    At the request of Brian's family his ashes were scattered on Pittwater following a short ceremony at Tennis Wharf where Assistant Commissioner Steve Yorke spoke in appreciation of Brian’s service to the Scotland Island community through his work with the Rural Fire Service and Ambulance NSW.
    This was followed by a farewell get together at the fire station where Brian’s partner Jill was presented with Brian’s 10 year service medal from the RFS by Assistant Commissioner Steve Yorke and his service appreciation certificate from Ambulance NSW by Inspector Grahame Rathbone. Member and guests then shared memories of Brian with Jill and family over refreshments.
    Brian will be sadly missed by all of us.
    Members and Supporters

  • 25 May 2015 6:02 PM | Anonymous member
    Big Thanks to Craig Laslett, Annette Richie, Kylie Bennetts & Graeme Crayford.

    Small group but a lot was achieved.

    The CFU Pump was used in a closed pumping exercise.

    Using the Cat 7 as the Static water source.

    We then proceeded to Cargo Wharf for a Drafting exercise.

    Lessons Learnt

    Priming pumps

    Equipment on tanker

    Water delivery via live 25mm reel against 38mm pec hose with endless amount of water from Pittwater.

    Again thanks to those members for giving up their Sunday morning to sharpen their skills.

  • 23 May 2015 7:00 PM | Anonymous member

    Stewart successfully completed the RFS First Aid Application 2009 at Beacon Hill RFB 23rd May

  • 19 Apr 2015 7:00 PM | Anonymous member

    It’s been all happening in & around the Fire Shed, 

    Big thanks to 

    Stewart Hasell for the continued colour coding of the SIRFB firefighting hoses etc, 

    Craig Laslett for maintenance work on several (5) knapsacks, Ladders & Boat maintenance, 

    Bill & Jaq Lee on the continued rejuvenation of the verge between Robertson Rd & the Fire Shed,

    Peter Lalor for positive feedback on member training ideas & pre loved printer, 

    Graeme Crayford the new cupboard labels in the Fire Shed kitchen & Boat maintenance, 

    Debera Anne has shown an interest to look after the Fire Boat, 

    Nathalie & Julian for the preparation of the upcoming Fire Shed dinner, 

    Hubert van Mierlo for the SIRFB Website, 

    Annette Ritchie for looking after the Fire Shed.

    We are looking forward to the 1st Fire Shed dinner on the 9th May.


    Reminder Brigade Training on the 26th April. 

    Thanks to all those members not mentioned for their help.

    Wayne Gluyas


  • 02 Apr 2015 9:00 AM | Anonymous member
    Interested in being a Community First Responders (CFR) & becoming part of our  team? One of our main prerequisites for becoming a CFR or volunteer is that you are required to live in the community that has a vacancy and be available to respond within 5 minutes to an incident.

    A list of current volunteer opportunities can be found on Ambulance NSW website here: 

    Become a Ambulance NSW CFR Volunteer

    If you would like more information on becoming a CFR volunteer with NSW Ambulance, please contact, Deputy Captain Wayne Gluyas at wgluyas@ambulance.nsw.gov.au or 0418229277. 

    Show your interest to attend CFR Training SIRFB & Ambulance NSW Welcome new members.

    Recent Coffs Harbour Volunteers Conference

  • 22 Mar 2015 1:29 PM | Anonymous member

    Thanks to @NSWRFS crews Hubert van Mierlo, Stewart Hasell & Craig Laslett who responded just before 730am to House ‪#‎Fire‬ on ‪#‎Scotland‬ Island on ‪#‎Pittwater‬, near Church Pt. Fire was contained to a laundry area, by quick thinking neighbours, who woke up occupants of the house, whilst one contained the fire from spreading with a hose until RFS crews arrived.

    #Scotland Is. Brigade were first on scene, followed by ‪#‎Davidson‬ (on ‪#‎Flyer‬), ‪#‎Terrey‬ Hills, West Pittwater & 2 ‪#‎Ingleside‬ members. NSW Police, Ambulance NSW also in attendance. One person was conveyed to hospital due to minor smoke inhalation. Warringah HQ were on standby at Station for support.

    Well done to the alert neighbours, they managed to save the house, as the fire was minutes away from spreading to the whole house.

    Terrey Hills Rural Fire Brigade Public Page
    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade
    Davidson Rural Fire Brigade
    Warringah / Pittwater Headquarters Rural Fire Brigade
    WestPittwater Rural Fire Brigade

    Thanks to Group Captain on the day for posting & Pic's



  • 15 Mar 2015 7:32 PM | Anonymous member

    Congratulations to Peter Lalor & Craig Laslett for successfully completing the VF Assessment today.

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