• 09 Jun 2014 4:25 PM | Anonymous member

    By Annette Richie, Station Officer / CFU member

    I don’t normally imagine you are interested in what I did last weekend, but in this instance I’m hoping you might !!

    Last Sunday I went down to the Shed for my second RFS training day.


    I had a ball and learnt so much important information that I’ll need if I get called out as a CFU member in the future.

    The RFS officers are constantly updating their knowledge and skills and it is important we do the same.  Basic training was only the tip of the iceberg.


    This past Sunday 3 Island addresses were plucked out of the hat.  We all piled into the big trucks (my first time) and went off to find these addresses.  You will not be surprised to know that on Scotland Island, some of these addresses didn’t even exist.  It is this local knowledge that will be essential if we are called out to conduct CFU activities in an emergency. The more we know the more useful we will be.


     A simulated car crash at the top of Bell was our first stop and we joined the RFS guys as they prioritized their activities, deployed equipment and made safe the scene.  We removed the injured driver; extinguished and mopped up. While we were adjacent to the Bell CFU cabinet, the two CFU

    members present did an audit of  the box. Do you know what’s in there ?  It’s your cabinet.


    Next it was off to Thompson Street to a ‘house fire’.  We checked out the flammable stuff around the house that would need to be removed.  Plotted the nearby tanks as sources of water.  Checked the house for occupants, identified hazards and put out the fire and mopped up afterwards.



    On to Florence Terrace to a ‘tree down over some wires’.  This again was interesting as the RFS guys talked about their priorities and procedures.  As a CFU member you might be required to clear surrounding houses with the RFS men working on the problem.

    Then it was back to the Fire Shed for a debriefing and a beautiful lunch prepared by Lara. 


    As I said, normally I don’t write stories about my weekends but thought this might be a good one to share.

    We’ve done our basic training and are all kitted out with our amazing uniforms, now we need to keep our training up and familiarize ourselves with as many aspects of our Island as possible.  Just wearing the uniform and boots for a day is an exercise in itself!  By taking part in these monthly exercises we will become more confident living in this bush fire prone environment.

  • 30 May 2014 9:07 AM | Anonymous member

    Wayne Gluyas participated in a hazard reduction yesterday - see the pictures below:


  • 27 Apr 2014 1:35 PM | Anonymous member

    What do NSW Rural Fire Service volunteers mean for your community? The NSW RFS and Ausgrid are pleased to announce a community photo competition which aims to visually showcase the work of our volunteers.

    The competition theme is “NSW RFS Volunteers – part of our community”.

    Your picture could show volunteers fighting fires, like this photo of the Howes Swamp Fire at Putty Road, taken by Ku-ring-gai brigade member Anthony Macvean last October. It could be an image of crews conducting community education sessions or taking part in other local events.

    There are three categories – NSW RFS Members, Community and People’s Choice Award, with prizes for each provided by Ausgrid.

    The winners of the NSW RFS Members and Community awards will be announced during National Volunteer Week, starting 12 May. Other short listed entries will be featured on the NSW RFS Facebook page.

    Photos should feature at least one NSW RFS volunteer.

    Entries close 12 May, 2014.

    Full details about the competition and prizes are available on the NSW RFS website.


  • 29 Mar 2014 8:16 PM | Anonymous member

    Today 9 of our CFU members completed training at Elvina Bay station. Training was provided by Kylie Stackhouse and Tim Byrne and hosted by the West Pittwater Brigade. 28 of our CFU members are now qualified.


    Congratulations to the following members with becoming fully qualified CFU members:

    Jillian DellaMonache, Matthew Wall, Paolo Meucci, Roy Baker, Belinda Hodges, Mark Kirby, Gregory Roberts, Madaleine Payne, Rachel Carter.


    Below some pictures of the day.







  • 27 Mar 2014 9:38 AM | Anonymous member

    On the weekend of 22 and 23 March 2014 two members of our brigade attended the CFR exercise at Coffs Harbour.


    The event was a tremendous learning experience for all people involved. The knowledge and experience gained will strengthen the Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade Community First Responders team.


    By Wayne Gluyas


    Safety Brief


    Multiple MVA Rescue by SES & Patients assessed & treated by ASNSW CFR members


    Young injured female extracted by SES & Assessed then treated by ASNSW CFR’s


    This picture was the briefing for a patient brought to shore by SES & treated by ASNSW CFR members.

  • 16 Mar 2014 1:00 PM | Anonymous member

    A little less than half an hour before the start of the AGM, the island was treated to a huge downpour. Some of our members arrived soaked and others managed to stay dry as they left home a little earlier or later.


    There were 6 visitors from the RFS district and RFSA, 3 of which who were called out to go back to the mainland assisting with the clearing of fallen trees and other storm damage.




    Despite all these distractions, in the end, there were about 40 members attending the meeting.





    Several of the reports tabled made mention of the loss of our friend and station officer, Bruce Healy in September 2013. The station will no longer be manned 7 days a week like it was under Bruce and this has been something hard to get used to for our members.


    During the meeting, the usual reports were tabled (Treasurer, President, Secretary, Captain, Training officer). All reports mentioned the positive changes the brigade had gone through during 2013. One of these changes making a huge impact was the establishing of the Community Fire Unit (CFU) and a total of 33 new members.


    The Community First Responders team had a very busy year and is looking to strengthen its ranks, because this increased workload is resting on the shoulders of only a few at the moment. Special mention was made of the contribution of Mandy Daher and Graeme Crayford.




    Outgoing president Graeme Richmond has offered his time and energy for multiple decades and he received the brigade's appreciation for this at the meeeting. Jenny Winterton, treasurer for 11 official years and a few more in unofficial roles supporting the brigades finance administration, also stepped down from the role. Jenny's contribution was celebrated as well.


    Our 2014 team was elected, with some new faces joining our executive team: view our Brigade Organisation Page to see who they are.




    Following the meeting, there was delicious food and drinks (as usual prepared by our amazing catering team - Nathalie Muir and Lara Hasell). Many of the members present stayed behind for to socialise and reminisce the year gone by.

  • 09 Mar 2014 4:23 PM | Anonymous member

    On 8 March 2014 the SIRFB participated in the NSW RFS Combined Districts 9th Annual Fire Boat Exercise at Fisherman’s Point on the Hawkesbury River,hosted by Hornsby/Kuringai RFS.



    This year, the largest contingent ever, with 14 boats and teams registered in events, along with another 10 boats and crews assisting with transport and logistics.




    RFS vessels and crews came from Hornsby/Kuringai, Gosford, Warringah/Pittwater, The Lakes,

    Cumberland and The Hills, as well as crews from NSW Maritime, Marine Rescue NSW and NSW Police Marine Area Command.


    Thanks go to the SIRFB members participating:


    Ian White
    Graeme Crayford
    Hubert van Mierlo
    Stewart Hasell
    Peter Lalor
    Wayne Gluyas

  • 20 Feb 2014 10:07 AM | Anonymous member

    It was a good year, 2013, with a variety of dinners, most of which attracted a good crowd. Relive the food, the music and the company and if you weren't there in 2013: we have great plans for 2014! See you at the shed!


  • 28 Dec 2013 8:07 AM | Anonymous member

    Please see below a time lapse video of the Christmas Dinner by Julian Muir.



    Christmas Dinner 2013 from Julian Muir on Vimeo.


    This was the first time (we think) a Christmas dinner was organised. The idea was to cater for people who had no friends or family to celebrate Christmas with. Thanks, Julian, Nathalie, Lara and Stewart!

  • 07 Feb 2013 11:07 AM | Anonymous member

    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade was formed in the Easter holidays of 1955 when a small number of residents, mostly weekenders, met at ‘Bangalla’ and formed a progress association. Their first priority was to establish the Scotland Island Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade to organise the individual efforts of the Island and the Western Foreshores.


    A shed was constructed by the residents near Tennis Wharf and the first fire vehicle, a jeep with a 44 gallon drum on it, was donated. Over the years, the equipment of the Brigade has improved and a new Fire Station was constructed in 1991 on the current site above Catherine Park. Since 1955, the Brigade has attended numerous house fires on the Island and several small wildfires.

    In 1939, a spot fire from a wildfire in Ku-ring-gai National Park caused a fire that burned the majority of the Island and it was cleared fire breaks around the few houses on the Island and the heavily cleared grazing land which prevented property loss.


    In 1967 a campfire on the Western side of the Island quickly raced up the hill before it was brought under control. The 1994 fires sent burning embers across the Island, but luckily they either didn’t catch alight or were put out by vigilant Islanders.

    In more recent times, the provision of a high speed Fire Boat has greatly increased the fire service area of the Brigade.


    To date, the Brigade has attended bush, structure and boat fires not just in Pittwater but also along Coal and Candle Creek and well up the Hawkesbury River.

    The Brigade also assists the NSW Water Police and NSW Ambulance Service with medical evacuations from the Island. The Brigade endeavours to provide a 24 hour emergency first aid service and assists with emergency patient transportation.


    The Station is also a centre for a number of favourite community events organised by Brigade members during the year, including ‘Christmas in July’, New Years Eve, Melbourne Cup Day and the fabulous kids film afternoons.

Views expressed on this website do not necessarily represent those of the NSW Rural Fire Service. During an emergency, do not rely on information placed on this site, please reference the NSW RFS website at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au, or call 1800 NSW RFS for emergency information. This site is not monitored 24/7.

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