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There’s a new fire boat coming. WE HOPE!

It’s taken several years of planning and lobbying but finally it looks like we have a new boat coming soon.

We’ve worked with RFS Engineering and several other water based brigades around the state to develop 3 new boat concepts – a small boat, medium boat and a large boat. We’ve also helped develop the detailed design for the medium configuration boat and a prototype (pictured) has been built. A contract to build boats for the RFS is being finalised and we are hopeful we’ll get a new boat sometime in the coming 12 months.

The new boat is awesome and represents a big step up in fire fighting capabilities for the district.

Stay tuned for more details about when the boat will arrive.

The new boat features a front mounted monitor for fire fighting
.. and a much larger cabin area useful for transporting crew and large enough for a stokes litter (stretcher)
Here’s another shot of the monitor which is permanently “plumbed in” and ready to go
Fire fighting operations are powered by an impressive pump equivalent to what you’d find on an urban pumper – after all, we usually have as much water as we want!
And there’s a big step up in engines (twin Suzukis) and navigation (Raymarine)

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