Fighting fires and all other operations performed by the fire brigade require skill and knowledge about equipment, fire behaviour, safety, team work and much more. It is important that these skills and this knowledge is kept up to date.


The brigade organises regular training opportunities for members to keep their skills at operational level. Please refer to the Calendar on this site for more information or talk to the Training Officer.


  • Monthly Training for all fire fighters
  • CFU Training: Once every 3 months
  • CFR Training: Monthly
  • Train with neighbouring brigades
  • Water brigades training exercises 
  • District training exercises




For all fire fighting and for some supporting tasks, there is a requirement for members to obtain qualifications. These qualifications are required before members are allowed to participate in operations or to perform certain tasks. There are many qualifications and courses available under the direction and control of the RFS.


Please find below a list of the most common qualifications:


  • Community Fire Unit (CFU)
  • Bush Fire Fighter
  • Village Fire Fighter
  • Advanced Fire Fighter
  • Crew Leader
  • Chain Saw Operator
  • Driver Medium / Heavy Rigid
  • Senior First Aider
  • Breathing Apparatus
More info about training is available on the 

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