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Join the Brigade and help your community

WOuld you like to join the brigade?

We are always looking for new members to fill a variety of different roles in our Brigade. Regardless of how physically active you are and how much time you have available we can find a role for you.

We have 3 main membership types:

Regular Brigade member – this is our main membership group. These members are trained bushfire fighters and attend fires and other emergencies in the local area and can also volunteer to attend incidents in other areas around the state (and sometimes in other states and even countries). With the right training you can also develop specialist skills in areas like structure fire fighting, marine fire fighting and remote area fire fighting.

Training to become a Regular Brigade Member will generally take a couple of weekends spread over a couple of months. Regular Brigade members are expected to attend monthly brigade training which is half a day each month.

Community First Responders – these members work with NSW Ambulance to help the community with medical emergencies. Most members in this group will complete their basic bushfire fighting training (which will take a couple of weekends spread over a couple of months) and then complete additional training with NSW Ambulance. These members also train 1 night a month with NSW Ambulance.

Community Fire Unit – these members complete an initial 1 day training course with the Brigade focused on understanding bushfire risks, bushfire behaviour and defensive fire fighting tactics. These members focus on defending their homes and the homes of their neighbours in the event of a local bushfire. These members are required to train for 1 day a quarter with Regular Brigade Members and attend a refresher training day once per year.

We also have support and social members of our Brigade.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about membership options and expectations.

If you’re ready to join and start giving back to the community, the first step to joining is to apply online here.